Stephan Strebel, Department of Anaesthesia,
University of Basel / Kantonsspital,
CH-4031 Basel, Switzerland


1.      Doppler ultrasound in medicine
2.      Cerebral hemodynamics: physical principles and physiological factors
3.      Techniques examining cerebral hemodynamics
4.      Anesthetics and cerebral hemodynamics
5.      TCD: Transcranial Doppler ultrasonography
6.      History
7.      Physical principles of Doppler and spectral analysis
 .1.    The Doppler effect
 .2.    The Doppler equation
8.      Examination techniques
8.1.    Window search
 .2.    Artery identification
 .3.    Normal values
 .4.    Doppler parameters
 .5.    Cerebral arterial blood flow velocity and cerebral blood flow
9.      Transcranial Doppler in Neuroanesthesia
10.     Refereneces
  .1.   Publications Basel 1992-1995
  .2.   General publications
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ACA     anterior cerebral artery
BA      basilar artery
CBF     cerebral blood flow
CBFV    cerebral blood flow velocity
CCA     common carotid artery
CMR     cerebral metabolism rate
CNS     central nervous system
CO2     carbon dioxide
CPP     cerebral perfusion pressure
CT      computertomography
CVR     cerebral vascular resistance
ICA     intra carotid artery
ICP     intracranial pressure
MABP    mean arterial blood pressure
MCA     middle cerebral artery
MRI     magnetic resonance imaging
NMDA    N-methyl-D-aspartate
N2O     nitrous oxide
OA      ophthalmic artery
PaCO2   arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide
PCA     posterior cerebral artery
PET     positron emission tomography
PETCO2  end-tidal carbon dioxide concentration
SAH     subarachnoid hemorrhage
SPECT   single-photon emission computerized tomography
TCD     transcranial Doppler
VA      vertebral artery